How do I configure an external email server?

The DJEP Application supports the ability for members to send email via their own mail server.  Sending via your own server means less of a chance that your messages will end up in the Spam or Junk folder of your recipient. You can set up external email servers for the Master Administrator account and for individual employees accounts.

Click the icon below for our video tutorial labeled External Mail Servers:

The following is information you will need to set up your Outgoing Servers (if you are unsure of your information you should check with your ISP [Internet Service Provider] for the correct settings):

  1. Your email username/address

  2. Your password for that email account

  3. The outgoing smtp address - this is often or

  4. The outgoing port number - this defaults to 25.  SSL authentication should be changed to 465

To configure external email servers navigate to:

Setup-> Emails-> Settings-> Mail Server Settings-> choose account to configure-> Outgoing Server-> Setup

Once you have entered your information, click the Save Settings button.  DJEP will attempt to connect based on the settings you provided.  If you receive an error message, please double check your information with your ISP requirements or change the Outgoing Port Number.  Once your configurations are correct you will receive a Setup Successful message.

Gmail users:

If you are a gmail user, please utilize the Help/FAQ section on the Email Setup page for useful information if you are having difficulties.

Click here for a step by step guide and video for G-Suite and gmail users.

Yahoo email users:

Click here for a step by step guide and video for Yahoo email users.