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1 Can you import data from another application?

To ensure data integrity and the application functions as expected, we do not allow users to import their own data from another application. The backend database of this software has several dependent relationships. * To maintain the proper data relationships,…

2 Can you import planning forms from a competing product?

Not at this time. The competing product does not appear to provide their users with a downloadable database of either blank or completed planning forms. Since this is the case, we are unable to write a conversion algorithm. Recreating the planning form templates…

3 What are some things to know about importing data into DJEP from other applications?

Step #1: Send Your Data Files To Us a) Do not open the data files b) Do not alter the files in any way c) Save them to a folder on your desktop. Then, if possible, right click on the folder and select "Send To Compressed Folder". If you are unsure how to…