How do I configure and integrate the DJEP website tools into my website?

Click the icon below to watch a video tutorial on how to configure and integrate Website Tools:

DJ Event Planner offers many website tool options for you to utilize on your website. A list of these tools can be found here:

Log into DJEP -> Website Tools

To configure the look of your website tools to match the look of your business website, go to Styling Options. Here, you can add a link to your company logo. You will need to host your logo either on your business website or other third party image hosting service. Then, you’ll want to add the link where it says “Link to Company Logo”. Next, click on the background tab where you can adjust the look of the background. If you wish to include a background image, you can add a link to that image under “Background Image”. Or you can choose a Background Color to match that of your business site.  

Then under the text colors tab, you can make any adjustments to the text colors and preview the look in the preview screen provided. If you wish to make changes to the table colors, go to the Table Colors tab. For instance, you may want to change the table header background color to the match color scheme of your website.  And finally, if you wish to link to your websites homepage for instance, you can add the link under the Advanced Tab under “Logo Hyperlink”. Click Save Settings, and the look of your website tools is ready to go. 

Now how do you incorporate the website tools into your business site?

In this example, we will look at the request information form. Here you’ll see we have 5 options: Questions, Auto Responder,  Settings, Get Code, and Preview. 


Default Questions

Place a check mark in front of those questions you wish to include on your form. You can modify the wording of the questions if you wish.

Want to add more questions? 

Use the Custom Questions Tab to add them in. The wording you enter under Question Wording is how it will appear on your form. You have the ability to mark the question as Required by adding a checkmark under REQ. Would you like to have your clients select an answer from a drop-down menu rather than type into a text box? Enter your answers under “Options”. Make sure to separate each option with a (;). Do you wish to allow your clients to select multiple options? Place a check under CB. This will convert your drop down list to a list with check boxes. The final section “Map To” allows you to select where the answer to this question will appear on the add/edit event page when the information from this request information form has been added as an event in DJ Event Planner. 


Under the include/exclude tab you can decide which venues you’d like to appear as an option on your request form. If you want the venue to appear on the form, it needs to appear under the the included box. The same goes for Packages and for Employees.  


Here you can enable or disable the auto-responder for this Form. You can adjust the information in the default responder by clicking on Default Reply. After making your adjustments be sure to click save. 

Alternatively should you wish to create an auto-responder specific to an event type, for instance wedding, that you have as a required field on your form, you can do so by clicking add template. Enter the information you would like to include in the automated email. Then select which event types this auto responder will apply to and click save. 


Here, configure your Thank You Page, Notifications, and Anti-Spam settings. 

Email Notifications

Should you like the email notification pertaining to the request for information form to go to an email address different than that listed as your master administrator account, you can add the appropriate email address or multiple email address as applicable for your company. If adding multiple email addresses, make sure to separate them with a (,). 

SMS Notifications

You can also enable an SMS notification when the request for information form has been submitted by entering the number where you’d like to receive the SMS notification under SMS Notification. 


Use the Preview Button to confirm everything looks correct or to runa test to see how it works. 

Ready to add this website tool to your business site?

Click on the Green Get Code button. Simply copy and paste the appropriate code snippet to your website editor and you’re ready to go. Be sure to test everything once you have done so.

The direct link is just that, the link to your website tool. 

The HTML link will show the wording of the website tool on your website and allow your user to click through to that tool. 

The HTML link (New Window) when a user clicks on the link, the website tool will open in a new window. 

The HTML Button will add a button to your website that your user would click on.  

The HTML Button (New Window) will add a button to your website. When a user clicks on the button, the website tool will open in a new window. 

Embed directly on your webpage (dynamic version) will add the tool to your website and will update on the back end if changes are made to information pertaining to that website tool. Example: Using the Request Information form and you update your venue list or make a change to your Event Types. Those changes will appear in the request for information form on your site. 

Embed directly on your webpage (static code) will add the tool to your website. However there is no call back to the DJ Event Planner server. An example is when generating information for the request info form any changes made to a venue list or event type for instance will not appear in the website tool. **Make use of this tool if you have more than one brand or would like to separate out services you offer. Doing so allows you to create a different form for each aspect specific to those needs. Each time, you will grab a fresh copy of the code once you have everything configured.