How do I configure my payment gateway within DJ Event Planner?

Are you ready to configure your Payment Gateway options within DJ Event Planner? If so, go here:

    Log into DJ Event Planner -> Website Tools -> Payment Gateway -> Settings

You have the option to select one default payment gateway or to use multiple gateways allowing your clients to choose which payment gateway they wish to utilize when making payments to you. To configure your payment gateway, navigate to the tab with the Name of the gateway you wish to use or if using a custom URL, navigate to the custom tab to continue. Enter the pertinent payment gateway information, processing fees info, notification settings, and after payment settings according to your needs. 

If you are a Basic level subscriber or if you choose to require manual approval, all payments will need to be manually applied to your events. Once a payment is received, you can view the payment details by navigating here:

    Log into DJ Event Planner -> Financial -> Payments -> Pending