How are event status values used and where do I configure them?

Event status values within DJ Event Planner will help you track where you are in the booking/planning process. These event statuses will also allow you to separate business offerings, assist with fine tuning which scheduled emails are sent out within your business flow, determine what events appear on your calendar and in your iCalendar feed, determine what events your employees have access to see, and more. If you have not already reviewed our FAQ Things to consider as you begin, we recommend you do so as it talks about creating a guide to assist you with determining what statuses you may want to include. 

You can add/remove event status values and set a display color for each by going here:

Log into DJ Event Planner -> Setup -> Application -> Event Status 

Once you’ve created your Event Status List, you also have the option to designate which status values are tied to “Booked”, “Lost Sale”, “Pending”, and “Leads”. These designations will be utilized in other areas of the software for instance the Dashboard, Financial Calculations/Reports, and Check Availability.