Client Portal - Setup & View

Client Portal – Setup & View


This tutorial will show you where to setup your Client Portal features, how to access a client portal, how to adjust permissions on a per event basis, and to provide you with a walk-through of how the Client Portal can be used.

Where can I setup my Client Portal?

  • Login to DJEP -> Website Tools -> Client Portal


This is where you will set your theme for your Client Portal.  

Name:  You can name the theme whatever you would like.  This is helpful is you utilize custom themes for different event types.

Add Your Logo:  You can also add a company logo here, this is useful if you would like to use a different logo than what you have setup under your Website Tools -> Styling Options.  If you wish to use the same logo, leave this field blank.

Theme:  Under ‘Select A Theme’, you can select which theme you would like to use for this Client Portal.  You can further customize the theme that you select by downloading the CSS file, making changes, and hosting on your website or other hosting location.  You would then paste the link to the location of that edited file.  The Custom Theme option should only be used by those who are experienced with editing CSS, whether yourself or a Website Editor.


Here you can change the Background Color or add a Background Image by pasting the link to the image you want to utilize.

Welcome Text:

The Welcome Text area is the greeting that your clients will see when they log into the Client Portal.  This is here you can add your own wording, links to images, links to external webpages, etc.  This area is also Merge Tag enabled if you would like to further personalize the Welcome Text to your clients.

Make sure to click SAVE SETTINGS after making your changes

Custom Themes:

To create a custom theme for specific event types, click the Custom Tab at the top.  Here you can select which event types to apply this theme to.  This will override the Default theme for those event types selected.

Make sure to click SAVE after making your changes.

Client Portal Settings


Login to DJ Event Planner -> Website Tools -> Client Portal -> Settings

General Settings

General Access to Events:  Here you can select what event types have access to the Client Portal by default.   Check the box next to the statuses that you would like to have access to the client portal.

Auto-Save:  If enabled, changes by the client to planning forms and timelines will automatically be saved to the database every 60 seconds.

Log On Landing Page:  In the drop down you can select which page inside the Client Portal the client will be directed to when they log in, Default Home Page (Welcome Text) or Planning Tools (Plan My Event)

Client Lockout:  This setting will determine when clients will no longer be able to edit their forms within the portal.  You can select either the number of days before the event, or a specific day of the week of the event.

Employee Names:  Here you can decide which employees are listed in the Client Portal under Event Details.  If you would like all employees assigned to an event listed, enter ‘ALL’ into the box.  If you would like no employees listed enter the word ‘NONE’ in the box.  If you would only like to have only have certain employees listed based upon role, enter those roles in the box (one on each line)


Event Planning Settings

This button will take you directly to the Manage Event Planning section, please make sure to save your changes prior to clicking or you will lose them.


Planning Tools:  Check the box next to the tools that you would like to be visible in the Client Portal.  This is the default for ALL events.  You can change an individual event’s permissions by logging into DJEP -> Navigate to an Event -> Edit -> Planning Tab -> Event Permission Settings

Interaction:  Here you can select which features will be displayed in the Client Portal.

View Information:  You can select what information is displayed in the Client Portal.

Planning Complete Action:  If you have the Planning Complete Button selected to be displayed in the Client Portal, you can select a Booking Helper to be run automatically after a client clicks the “Submit and Finalize Planning Forms” in the portal.



In this section you can decide how certain sections are worded as well as how different Statuses will appear in the Client Portal


Email Notifications

You can select when a notification is sent and to whom.


Custom Redirects

Can select the default log on and log off landing pages or a custom URL

Advanced Settings

Break out of Frames: By default, this option is unchecked which allows the Client Logon to open in a new page when embedded on a website.  If you would prefer that the Client Portal loads in your webpage, check this box to disable the ‘Break Out of Frames’ function.


As always, make to Save your changes

Modifying settings on a per event basis

You can change permissions in the client portal on a per event basis by logging into DJEP -> Navigate to an event -> Planning Tab -> Edit -> Event Permission Settings


How to view the client Portal as your client

You can logon as your client by to preview and test the Client Portal by navigating to an event -> Planning Tab -> Log on As.


The portal will load to the Landing Page that you selected in your settings.

Clients can navigate the portal by utilizing the tabs.

My Events: Shows all upcoming and past events that the client has assigned to them.  Clients can access those events by licking one of the available buttons – Plan My Event, Event Details, and Make a Payment (if enabled)

My Profile:  Shows the client the contact information that you have on file, and if enabled in settings, allow them to update their contact info.  They will also be able change their password on this tab as well.

Contact:  This tab will provide a history of emails that you have sent them and if enabled in settings provide a contact form and company contact details.

Logout:  Logs the client out of the portal.

Next to an event will be three buttons:  Plan My Event, Event Details, and Make a Payment (if enabled)

Plan My Event:  This section is where the client will complete their planning forms and music selections.

Event Details:  This section will provide the client with the details of the event they have booked with you.

Make a Payment:  If enabled, this will take the client to the make a payment portal that you have setup in the Payment Gateway: log into DJEP -> Website Tools -> Payment Gateway -> Settings

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Support by Live Chat found under Support Options in the left menu; or by posting on the official support forum: