What does DJ Event Planner do?

DJ Event Planner helps you manage your events from the time a lead comes in through the follow up after an event, along with all the details in between.

Maintain Branding:

Customize the website tools to match your company details. Upgrade to take advantage of the stand alone domain - a separate domain name of your choosing which you register that allows you to maintain your customer branding and the removal of the djeventplanner.com copyright notices.

Lead Tracking:

DJ Event Planner can assist you with keeping track of your leads and where you are in the booking process. 

Book Clients:

Take advantage of e-signature documents and email templates to assist you with your contracts and utilize one of the payment gateways to obtain track your retainer fee. 

Event Planning:

Customize planning forms and assign them on a per event basis allowing your clients to be a part of the event planning process. 

Personalized Client Portals:

Provide your clients with their own client portal where they can communicate with you, complete planning forms, make payments, and see the details related to their special event.  

Communicate with Clients:

Create personalized documents and email templates with use of merge tags to populate information. Create planning forms allowing your clients to be a part of the event planning process. Schedule emails to provide your clients with tips or reminders so they know what to expect or what to take care of next. 

Grow Your Business:

From a small single operator to large multi-op company, DJ Event Planner can assist you as you expand. 

Let us help you automate your daily processes so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy.