iCalendar Feeds within DJ Event Planner

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What is iCalendar used for?

  • Used to see events in an external calendar program such as Google or iCal
  • Can be customized to create unique calendars for yourself, employees, and other DJEP users.

iCalendar Settings

To begin setting up your iCalendar, log into DJ Event Planner -> Setup -> iCalendar

Here you can create a new iCalendar, edit a current calendar, duplicate a calendar, delete a calendar, Get iCalendar Links, and a few others we’ll talk about below.

Creating a new iCalendar

  • To create a new iCalendar, click the green button in the upper right titled ‘Create A New iCalendar.

  • The Calendar Name is what it will appear as in your DJEP account for your own knowledge.

  • Title for Events is how Events will appear in your external calendar program; you can utilize merge tags from the drop down to auto populate the Event Title.  Select the merge tag you would like added to Title for Events and click insert.

  • Choose an Employee – here is where you can select if this iCalendar will show events for all employees or just a specific employee.  If creating a Master Calendar, select ALL Employees, and if creating a calendar for a specific employee, select their name.

  • Include the Following Items – Here you can select whether or not to include Appointments, Time Off, and Blacked Out Days in this calendar feed.


  • Include These Events - Check the Event Statuses that you would like to include in this iCalendar feed; most common are Pending and Booked statuses.
  • Employee Confirmation Status Here you can select whether or not this feed includes both Confirmed and Unconfirmed Events, Only Confirmed Events, or Only Unconfirmed Events; most often Confirmed and Unconfirmed will be used, as the other two are for unique situations.


  • Include the Following Event Details – This section allows you to select what event details will be included in the iCalendar feed.  These details will appear in a third-party calendar application.  Make sure to choose only the details that you utilize in your account.  If making a calendar for an employee, make sure you are only including information pertinent to them.  In other words, if you do not allow your employees to see financials, make sure those are not selected.  Venue Contact Information is an often commonly included detail because this includes the address of the venue and most third-party applications will recognize as such and link to a map application or program.


  • Other Settings – if you utilize Setup Time instead of Start Time, or if you use Employee Specific Times instead of Start Time check the appropriate box.

  • Employee Portal Visibility – If this calendar feed is for a specific employee (Name selected in drop down above), select that employees name here to enable access to their iCalendar link in their employee portal.  If you do not select this option, then you will need to manually send them their link.

  • External DJ Sharing Options – This is the section that will allow you to share an iCalendar feed with another DJEP User.  When sharing with another user, this feed can be added to their DJEP calendar.  To use this feature, click enable and enter the other users DJEP Account number.  Please note, this option only works with DYNAMIC calendar links (Stand Alone Subscriptions and above).  If you are on a Basic subscription level, you will not be able to share your calendar with another DJEP user.

Once all your settings are entered, click Save and Publish


Now that we created an iCalendar, how do we get that link?

To add your DJEP calendar to your external calendar program, click the dark grey ‘Get Calendar Links’ button next to the calendar you want to use.  


Copy the link you would like to use and paste it into your third-party calendar application, if you are unsure how to add a linked calendar, be sure to search your third-party applications help or support.

Mobile phone users can scan the QR code to add to their calendar program.

If you are on a Basic or Trial plan, you will only be able copy the Static File Link.  

Stand Alone and above subscription levels have the choice between Static and Dynamic

For employees, if you made the link accessible from their employee portal in the settings, they can access the iCalendar link by logging into their DJEP employee portal and clicking iCalendar Links in the left menu.

What is the Difference between Static and Dynamic Links?

 Static File Links will NOT update automatically as events, appointments, time off, and blackout dates are added or edited.  The calendar link will need to be manually refreshed in order to see those updates in your third-party calendar application. (See below on how to refresh)

Dynamic File links will update automatically as those changes are made in your account. We recommend using the Dynamic File Link for most calendar applications. 

Adding another DJEP users calendar link to your DJEP calendar dashboard

To add another DJEP users’ calendar to yours, login to DJEP click Settings at the top of your calendar then DJEP Calendars.  Paste the iCalendar link they provided and then click Save Settings. 

If you need to remove another users iCalendar from yours, simply click the red REMOVE button next to the link you would like to remove.  Keep in mind that you can only utilize DYNAMIC calendar links, static calendar links will not work.  Please note - added calendars from other DJEP users will show up in your employee dashboard calendar, but they are not editable from within your DJEP account.  That means you can only see the details they shared with you; you will not be able to edit that event from within your portal.

Basic Troubleshooting

Should you encounter an issue with your iCalendar links, such as certain items not appearing in your third-party calendar application, there are two basic troubleshooting steps that you can do.

  • Health Check – The first is to check the health of your iCalendar.  To do that, Log into DJEP -> Setup -> iCalendar  

Next to the iCalendar link that you want to check, click the blue Actions button and select Health Check.  This will show you the details that are being exported in that calendar link.  This is the information that should be appearing in your third-party application, and allows us to make sure our DJEP calendar is exporting what it should be.

  • Refresh Calendar Link – If you are on a Basic Plan or using the Static calendar link, you will need to manually refresh it in order to see updates in your third-party calendar application.  If you are using the Dynamic link and are missing some items for some reason, you may need to refresh as well.

Click the blue actions button next to the iCalendar link you want to refresh, and select refresh.  

Please keep in mind that when adding an iCalendar link to your third-party application, it may take some time to populate, up to 48 hours in some cases.

If you have checked the iCalendar link using the Health Check to make sure it is exporting that data, and have refreshed the iCalendar, but still do not see those items in your third-party application after 48 hours, you will need to reach out to that applications support for assistance.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Support by Live Chat found under Support Options in the left menu; or by posting on the official support forum: