Why aren't all of my events being displayed on the Event List page?

To ensure quick load times for the event list page, there is a limit put on the number of returned results. The default limit is the first 1,000 events. For so very high usage users the limit is reduced to the first 500 events.

In some cases there is a limit of the first 200 events. This limit is put in place when one or more of the following fields is included as a column in the event list page:

Last Action
Balance Due
Assigned Vendors
Assigned Employees
Custom Event Memo Field

The reason is that these fields require additional database lookups and increase the page processing time significantly.

Changing the event limit on the event list is not configurable at this time.

Should you wish to see all of the events for the given search parameters you will need to narrow your search parameters. For example, you could limit the date range or choose only selected event status values.