What is the "Add Planner Only Client" option?

Planning only access allows a client to access the planning information but not the financials.  

Example: You have a client that is a wedding consultant or maybe a venue that contracts with you for many different events throughout the year.  You would assign that client to an Event so they can have access to all contracts and financials, etc.  However their client, say a bride, will to do all the planning for the event (filling out name forms, timeline information, etc).  You would add the bride as a Planning Only Client which gives her access to all things planning for the event, but not contracts and financials.

To add planning only access, go to the Event Planning tab within your Event details page.  Click 'Add Planner Only Client", then select an existing client or create a new client. 

Each client within DJEP has a unique username and password, so the planning only client would use their unique credentials to log on and access the planning tools for that event.