What are the advantages of having a stand-alone (premium) domain?

When you signed up for the DJEP trial initially, your account was created on the djfinder.com domain. This domain is shared by several hundred users and the resources for the domain are shared equally between them. When you move to a stand-alone domain, you no longer have to share as many resources.

Here is how the process works:

1) Choose your domain name not used for anything else besides the DJEP application. Keep in mind this is where you, your clients, and/or employees will log into your DJEP account.
2) Register your chosen domain name via your domain registrar. Example registrar: GoDaddy.com. No hosting required. The cost for this is typically about $10 per year. You are responsible for this fee.
3) Configure the nameserver entries to point toward our DJEP servers as per the instructions provided in your DJEP account. 
4) Submit your DJEP stand alone domain request.
5) Once we can confirm configuration of your domain is correct, we will work to transfer the DJEP code and your database to that new domain. To do this, we make a copy of the djfinder.com database and delete all other user's information, leaving only your data in the newly transferred database. 
6) Upon completion of the transfer, you will be notified via email. 

7) You must update any DJ Website Tool links from djfinder.com to your new domain.
8) All logons for you, your employees, and your clients will now be through the new domain.

Here are the advantages of moving to your own domain:

1) Enhanced application performance. No more sharing of resources.
2) Removal of the djeventplanner.com copyright notices from your website tools.
3) When your clients access their event planner accounts, they will see a domain that is recognizable as yours instead of djfinder.com
4) Storage of up to 50,000 sent email messages instead of 2,000
5) Employee activity report storage for up to 2 years instead of 2 weeks
6) iCalendar feeds are updated hourly instead of manually