I have my own Stand-Alone domain. How do I access and import the Form Sharing section?

If you are on your own Stand-Alone/Premium domain, the following applies to you.

To find a shared Document created by other DJEP Users please go here:

  1. Login to DJ Event Planner
  2. Go to Setup -> Documents
  3. Click on Document Sharing at the top of the page
  4. Click on a category and preview the shared documents
  5. Click on the Import and Save button to add to your templates

To share a Document you have created with other DJEP Users:

  1. Click on the dropdown menu next to Share One of Your Documents
  2. Choose the document template to share
  3. Click on the Share Document button

If you wish to Share, Import or Export shared Planning Forms into your account, go here:

Login to DJ Event Planner -> Setup -> Event Planning -> Planning/Evaluation Forms -> Form Sharing

Sharing Planning Forms:

  1. To share your forms, choose a form in the dropdown menu
  2. Set a description as needed
  3. Then click on Share Form

Exporting Planning Forms to share privately:

  1. Find the Export Form Code Section
  2. Select the form from the dropdown menu 
  3. Copy the Code provided
  4. Share that code with another user

Importing Planning Form Code from another user:

  1. Find the Import Code Section 
  2. Click on Import Planning Form Code
  3. Give the form a title
  4. Choose what type of Planning Form this will be
  5. Enter the code you received from another DJEP User
  6. Click on Save Form