What is the employee limit for my account and how does it work?

The pricing for DJ Event Planner is based on the number of "Active" employees. It is expected that the number of "Active" employees will loosely reflect the resources required for an account. An account with more active employees (and events) will require more resources than an account with fewer active employees. These resources include: storage space, processing power, email server load, IP reputation maintenance, and backup space.

"Active" employees are any employees that are assigned to upcoming events or log on to the DJEP system. It does not matter if the employees are assigned to 1 or 1000 events in the upcoming year. If they are assigned to at least one event, they MUST be active. Salespeople, administrators, office staff, and any staff will be counted as part of the employee limit.

It does not matter whether you consider your staff members to be employees or independent contractors when it comes to the employee limit. When talking about the DJEP employee limit, the term "Employee" is a generic term and should not be confused with the legal definition of an employee.

Many multi-op companies configure DJEP to use one employee as the "To Be Assigned" employee. They do this primarily because they will assign employees to the event at a later date. This "To Be Assigned" employee does count as an active employee.