How does the email tracking system work?

When you send an outgoing email via the DJEP system the email tracking system will keep track of who it was sent to. For each email recipient, the system looks in the following data tables:

  • Client
  • Vendor
  • Venue
  • Other Contacts
  • Employee

If a match is found in any of the records, the system will make note of it.

Important Note: The email tracking system is NOT EVENT BASED. It is based on finding a matching record in one of the previously mentioned data tables.

To give you an example of how the email tracking system will work, say for example, you have a client that later becomes an employee. In their client record and in their employee record they would potentially have the identical email address. The emails sent to the individual while they were just a client, would all be attached to the client record. They would not be attached to the employee record, since the employee record did not exist when the emails were sent. Later, if you sent an email to them as an employee, the email tracker would add a tracker for their client record AND their employee record. Again, the email tracker works like this: it looks for email address matches in all of the records (client/venue/vendor/other contacts/employee) at the time it is sent. If it finds a record that matches in any (or all) of them, it will add a tracking entry for them.