I've imported my iCalendar into my calendaring application and it isn't updating. Why not?

If you have a premium domain (Stand Alone Domain), the DJEP iCalendar feed will be automatically updated every 60 minutes. 

If you are on the djfinder.com domain, you will need to manually refresh the iCalendar to update the feed. You can manually refresh the iCalendar by going here: 

            Login to DJ Event Planner -> Setup -> iCalendar -> Actions drop-down of the iCalendar you wish to refresh -> Refresh Calendar

The update frequency of your iCalendar feed varies depending upon your subscribing calendar application. Most calendaring applications check for new versions of the calendar on a regular schedule, but be aware that their schedule may be hours or days apart. A few calendar applications may allow you to adjust the frequency of how often they check for updates but others do not. This means the changes made within DJEP will take hours to days to appear in your iCalendar feed. DJEP has no control whatsoever over how frequently your calendaring application checks for new versions of the calendar as that is at the discretion of each calendaring application. 

One way to force the calendaring application to update the feed is to:

  1. Delete the iCalendar feed from DJEP
  2. Delete the subscription to the iCalendar feed within your calendar application
  3. Create a new iCalendar in DJEP (it will have a new unique name)
  4. Add the new iCalendar feed to your calendar application