What are related files and how do I configure them?

You can "attach" files to events, employees, and clients through the Related Files functionality of DJEP.  You will need to upload the files to a separate site other than DJEP.

There are two settings for attached files.

In this field you should enter the wording that you want to appear as a link to the file. For example, suppose you wanted to attach a file to a venue with a photo of the typical room layout. You give the related file a title of "Room Layout".

Location of File (URL)
In this field you would enter the URL of the file that you want to attach to the record. Remember, DJEP does not support the upload of documents to our servers.  You will need to upload the file to the web and provide the link to it in this field. Normally, you should have FTP access to your website and should be able to easily upload the file.