I am having difficulty deleting an employee. Why?

References to employee records are found throughout the program. The DJEP system tracks many things related to employees including:

  • Events
  • Employee Activity
  • Appointments and Client Contacts
  • Requests For Information
  • Email Messages
  • Expenses
  • Wages

In order to delete an employee, ALL of these references must be deleted first.

Because of this, it is recommended that you not delete an employee. The recommended solution is to make the employee "Inactive". Here are the steps to do this:

1) Log in to DJ Event Planner -> Main Menu->Employees -> (click on employee name)
2) Click on Edit
3) Look for the employee permissions section. Change the employee status to "Inactive"
4) Click Save

When you set the employee status to Disabled, the employee logon will be disabled and unable to access their account.

Additional Note: Changing an employee to inactive status will increase your employee limit by one.