How do my clients log on to their online planner?

When you add an event, a client record is created that is linked to the event. Whenever you add a client (including when you add an event), a username and password is automatically generated for the client to access their account and planning tools.

To let a client know their username and password, you can either: 

a) give it to them over the phone 

b) give it to them in person 

c) print it on one of the documents from DJEP 

d) email them their username and password. 

The last method is by far the easiest method to employ.

To make emailing your clients their username and password a simple process, we included a default email template in every DJEP account called "Event Planner Account". To configure this email go here: Setup -> Emails -> Templates, then click on the Event Planner Account edit button.  You can set up a scheduled email under the Scheduling tab.  Or you can send the template email through the event under the Email tab On the top right there is a dropdown called "Send Email". Select the Event Planner Account email template and you will be taken to the compose email page where you can modify the email if you so choose before you send it.

The final question is, where do they log on?

Your clients can log on one of two places. Either via your website or via the logon page. Ideally you would integrate the logon code into your own site. You can do this by going here: Website Tools -> Client Logon -> Get Web Page Code/Get Direct Link. You could also send them to the logon page: