What are the advantages of using the Request For Information form over my own form?

The advantages of using the Request For Information form that is built in the software over using your own form:

1) The primary advantage is that the information funnels right into your account. When you go to the inbox, the request for information will be displayed as a new request. Clicking on that link will display all of the information that your site visitor entered into the form. By clicking on the "Add Event To System", all of the information will transfer to the Add Event form. You won't have to retype or copy and paste anything!

2) The request for information details can be configured to be sent to: a) your administrative email address b) a second email address c) your phone via a text message

3) The form is configurable. You can ask any of the standard questions that you want and up to 8 additional questions.

4) It's easy to use

5) The venue dropdown can be dynamically generated with the latest list of your active venues

6) You can set up an autoresponder

7) You can control where the user is redirected to after submitting the request for information