What options are available for the music database?

The music database can be configured to use one of three options: Platinum Series, Extended Library, or an Uploaded File.

The Platinum Series consists of the Top 1500 Party Songs and is loosely based on a previously released series of party hits. This series also contains some new additions since the mid-90's when it was released.

The Extended Library contains about 70,000 songs in a variety of genres. This library is updated weekly with new releases.

You can also upload your own music file. If you serve a specialized market such as Mitzvah, Latino, or other niche markets, we recommend uploading your own music database.

Your clients will be able to select from any of the songs in the music database that you choose to use. They will also be able to make requests for songs that are not included in the music library by manually typing in their songs requests.

If you select the Extended Library or Uploaded File options you can have the lists updated weekly with the latest song releases.