What issues do I need to be aware of after my migration to a stand alone premium domain?

A shell account will be kept for you on the djfinder.com domain so that you can access document sharing. Otherwise there shouldn't be any need to log on to the djfinder.com domain.

Remember to update the links for your website tools. Replace the djfinder.com domain with your domain. Alternatively you can download the code snippets from within your premium domain application and your domain will be used instead of the djfinder.com domain.

If you fail to update your website tool links, requests for information will continue to go to your djfinder.com domain instead of your new stand-alone domain.

Remember to use your new domain for everything. Logons should all be through your domain and not through the djfinder.com domain.

For Email, double check to make sure your Outgoing External Mail server settings are still in place. You can do that here:  Logon to DJ Event Planner -> Setup -> Emails -> Settings

Twilio and Spotify users, if you had your settings in place prior to your move to your stand alone domain, you will want to make sure you double check your settings.

Twilio users please make sure to update your Webhook for Twilio.  You can find instructions for that by going Here: Logon to DJ Event Planner -> Setup -> SMS -> HELP/FAQ -> Getting Setup With SMS -> START HERE - Getting Started, The Guide.  Twilio Webhook instructions begin on step 6.