What are the Location Finder / Do I Have It? / Excel Format List buttons for?

Location Finder

For this to work, you MUST upload your own music database and include values for Album and Track #/ID fields. Click on this button to have the system search for special songs and requests in your uploaded music database. If the location field is empty for the request or special song, the application will look in your music database for exact matches for the Artist and Song Title. If an exact match is found, the Album and Track #/ID values will be put into the location field of the request or special song.

Do I Have It?

Click on this button to be taken to the Do I Have It? Manger. This is a form that displays a list of all special songs and requests. There are three possible statuses for each song:

  • ? - Unknown Status (All songs entered start with a status of unknown)
  • Y - Yes, the song is in your music library
  • N - No, the song is not in your music library

Please note that you must manually assign the status of songs.

Excel Format List

Clicking on this button generates an Excel File that contains all of the song requests and special songs. The Excel file will contain the following fields: Classification, Song, Artist, Location, and Comments.