How do I create recurring events?

Go to the Event that you would like to duplicate. On the bottom of Details tab page there is a button that is labeled "Duplicate Event". Click on it and you will receive a pop-up window with a Date Picker option to select the date(s) that you would like to duplicate the event on. The selected dates will appear in the text-area field. You can set a Recurring Status, Duplicate Employee Wages or set them to zero, and set the Initial Contact Date for the newly duplicated events at this time.  When you are done adding dates, click on the "Analyze Date List" button to confirm the dates you entered.  If all are accepted, on the next page confirm the information duplicated is correct.  If this is correct, click Continue.  Your new event will now be created.

The following fields will be duplicated:

  • Client
  • Event Name
  • Status
  • Event Type
  • Primary/Secondary Venue
  • Assigned Employees/Fees
  • Start/End Times
  • Total Fee/Retainer Fee/Balance Due
  • Package
  • Attire
  • Additional Service Description
  • Booking Comments
  • Guest Request Password
  • Assigned Systems
  • Add On Name/Fee/Quantity
  • Booked By
  • Planning Details
  • Guest Count
  • Overtime Rate
  • Package Price
  • Tax

At this time there is no functionality to duplicate an event using specific parameters such as "Every Friday". You must manually select the dates of duplication.