How do I email a contract to my client?

You first have to create a document template for your contract.


Setup -> Documents -> Add Template (button)


When creating the document make use of Merge Tags for auto fill information for Clients, Event Fields, Financial Information, etc. For example: using the value of <event_date> in the document will result in the event date replacing the text when you create a document.


Make sure that you have entered an email address for the client within the client information.


To manually send the document to the client, go to the specific event.  Click on the Email tab. Under the Send Email section select "Blank" from the dropdown menu. You will be taken to the compose email page. The send to address should be filled in with the client's email address. Enter values for the subject and body of the email.  On that page you can click on E-signature or Select Document to choose the document name that you want to email. The document will automatically be attached to the email as a document.


If you want to preview or edit the document before you send it, click on the Preview/Edit button. Any changes you make to the document will be saved to the attached document.

Click the icon below for our video tutorial called E-Signatures found on our DJ Event Planner YouTube channel: