What do all of the employee permissions mean?

Master Administrator and Administrator Access

Employees with this permission level has full access to every setting of the software. They can Add/Edit/Delete events, see all of the reports, export all data, configure the Website Tools, manage employee time off, and configure the application. Administrators also have access to the software support tools. Only the owners of the company should be given this level of permssion.

Salesperson Access

An employee with salesperson access can Add/Edit/Delete events. They can also send email, access employee/venue/contact information and they can see detailed information about events.  Salespeople can access both the company-wide calendar and their own employee calendar. They cannot see reports, access configuration settings, or access the software support tools.

Saleperson Settings

  • View Employee Event Wages: Controls whether they can view the wages for assigned employees
  • Limit to Generated By Events: If the employee can view employee wages, this setting limits them to seeing the employee wages to the events that are generated by them.
  • Change Generated By Field
  • Add / Edit Employees

Employee Access

These employees have the most basic access to the software. The can view their the front page, their own calendar, and any events that are assigned to them. They cannot Add/Edit/Delete events. They can also edit their own password and  request time off.

Employee Settings

  • View Event Fees and Client Payments
  • Send Email: Controls whether the employee can send outgoing emails from the software
  • Contact Manager Access: Allows them to see the emails, appointments, client contacts, and to do items that are related to a given client
  • View Vendors: Whether they can view vendor information for events assigned to them
  • View Client Contact Information: Whether they can view client information for events assigned to them
  • View Client Email Attachments: Whether they can see the email attachments for emails sent using the software