What is a booking helper and how can it be used?

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Booking Helpers allow you to make multiple changes and updates to an event at the same time.  It can change dates, status, and email correspondence to your clients and employees with the click of a button.  You need to analyze your work flow to see what works best for you.  Each company has a different process and booking helper allows you to eliminate tasks that you do routinely when sending, receiving, and adding information to each event.

I will lay this out in the options that I use....

Name: Issue Paper Work
Once I send the contract I click on this heading.
1) it sends an email notifying the employee that there is a tentative date
2) It changes the status to Requested Info
3) It makes the contract issue date todays date

Name: Contract Returned with Deposit
...Pretty self explaining
1) It Changes the Status to Booked
2) It sets the date booked to current date
3) It issues an email to Client letting them know that Payment was received
4) It Issues an email to my employee that the date is now booked
5) Sends an email reminding the client of their user name and password.

This is just some of the options. I am sure more users have found many more ways to use it to benefit their work flow.  I love it because I never forget a step in the booking process.  Once you get used to it you will not know how you got along with out it.

For a more in depth look at Booking Helpers please click on the following video: