What are some tips for printing documents?

Below are instructions for PC/Windows users. If you are on a Mac click here

Chrome Users

When the Print Preview window pops up uncheck the Headers and Footers checkbox in the Options section.

Firefox Users


Click on Firefox -> Print -> Page Setup

Make sure the Print Background option is checked. If you want to fit more onto one page try unchecking the shrink to fit page width button and adjusting the scale percentage. Lowering the value will decrease the apparent font size and will provide more room on each page.


You should also disable the printing of page headers/footers via this interface and adjust the margins to the recommended .25 inches


Internet Explorer Users

Click on the Settings Icon -> Print -> Page Setup



Set the page headers/footers to Empty. Set the Margins to .25 inches. Also make sure Print Background Colors and Images is checked. You can test the Enable Shrink-To-Fit setting to see how it works for you.