Once a client enters data into their Event Planner or Special Song form, can it be updated with the new questions or new special songs?

The assigned Event Planner form and Special Song list for each client can be updated (if you change the master template) UNTIL the client enters some information into the form. Once they have started working on the planner information, they are required to use the snapshot of the current state of the planning form.

Why? Synchronization is fundamentally very difficult and beyond the scope of this application. In some cases, synchronization would be impossible without human intervention.

For example, say the first snapshot of the planning form had a question like this: "What time does the ceremony begin?"  Now suppose you updated the planner and made a simple change to the question: "What time does the wedding ceremony begin?".  The computer is not smart enough to know that this is the same question. Therefore, migration of the user's response from the first planning form question to the second planning form question wouldn't be possible.