What is the Client Lockout and why would I use it?

When a client is "Locked Out", they can still log on to their account, but they can no longer change their event planning information or contact information.

You would use the Client Lockout functionality to prevent your clients from changing their Event Planner details in the final days leading up to their event. You can safely download the Event Planner form and print it off for your use after the client has been locked out. If the client were not locked out, they would be able to make changes after you have downloaded and printed the event forms. The printed forms would then not contain the latest information. This system is designed as a safeguard to prevent miscommunication.

There are three Client Lockout options and they are set on a per Client basis. There are currently no per Event client lockout settings.

Automatic Client Lockout - this is your default number of days or day of the week you choose for each client.  Change your default lockout option by going to:  Website Tools-> Client Logon-> (Lockout Settings)
You can choose the number of days before an event or the nearest day of the week before the event that the client will automatically be locked out. For example, if you change this setting to 7 days, the client will be automatically locked out seven days before their event date.  If you set the day of the week to Tuesday, your client can make changes to their details up until Tuesday. To disabled this feature altogether, enter 0 as the Automatic Client Lockout value, but keep in mind your client will then be able to make changes on the day of the event.

Override -  If you want to allow your client to make changes after they have been locked out, edit the client's information and choose the Override option. The client will then able to update their Event Planner and contact information at any time, without any restrictions.

Manual Lockout - If you no longer want to allow your client to be able to make any changes, but your default lockout date has not yet arrived, you can manually lockout the client to block them from updating their Event Planner and contact information regardless of how many days before their event it is.