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1 What do all of the employee permissions mean?

Master Administrator and Administrator Access Employees with this permission level has full access to every setting of the software. They can Add/Edit/Delete events, see all of the reports, export all data, configure the Website Tools, manage employee time…

2 What is the difference between Master Administrator and Employee Administrator?

When you first sign up for a DJEP account with a username and password you will be logged on as the master administrator. You will have full access to all settings and features of the application. When you are logged on this way you are not logged on as an…

3 Why are my employees not able to see events that are assigned to them in the employee portal?

This is most likely because you do not have the following setting configured correctly: Setup -> Application -> Employee Settings -> Access To Events -> Access Based On Status Be sure to place a check in front of the event status values that you…